Leadership: How to leave with dignity

We’ve all had them: meetings or conversations at work which have become uncomfortable, inappropriate, unacceptable.

Two people having a meeting
Control your meeting, and leave with dignity.

Difficult discussions are an expected part of working life and challenge can be healthy when handled professionally and with empathy. However there may be a point when challenging tips over to aggressive.

A meeting may become awkward with colleagues’ behaviour being demeaning, embarrassing or bullying. Emotions take over and rationality evaporates.

We cannot control others’ behaviours, but can choose how we respond. It can be difficult in the heat of the moment to respond, so having strategies and phrases in advance can be helpful.

Challenge the behaviour:

Ask for time:

Bring the meeting to a close:

Leave with dignity:

Remember you are a person and you should always have the right to be treated with respect and humanity at work.

Teacher, Writer, Expert in Leadership and Puzzle-Maker in the UK.

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